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Founding consultant, David Link

We strive to empower our clients
achieve lasting change

Outcomes are fundamentally different for the CVSE and Private Sectors. David understands and has lived experience of both

David has worked in many sectors - Consumer goods, Cosmetics manufacture, Film Industry, Training, Domiciliary care, Advertising, Business Accommodation and more. Employed, self-employed and employer of up to 250 people.

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Independent Consultancy Service


David says "Making decisions - hopefully good ones!"


From Induction to confirmation of understanding

Strategic Planning

The foundation for sustainable organisations

Project Planning

Helping you put together a realistic case

Project delivery

Let's talk about your deliverables!


Outcomes, outcomes, outcomes! Or as David says "lasting change

My vision is a World where the Community, Voluntary and Social Enterprise Sector is seen as equal with and complementary to the Private and Statutory Sectors

My mission is to provide services to the CVSE and Private Sectors that help organisations achieve positive outcomes from the activities, products and services their provide.

My approach is to ask to understand, agree deliverables that achieve, and at heart be customer/beneficiary focussed. And of course to charge a reasonable fee and be professional in all dealings with clients.

David says "No-one was ever converted by a spread sheet.."

"..we delight on stories about positive change"
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