Here are some FAQ , for more please visit our Contact Page

Do I need to pay for upfront?

No. But I'm a consultant, not a Bank! Depending on the length of the commission we might agree interim payments. It'll be detailed in the contract

Are volume discounts available?

As a freelancer I need to be free to work when and where I choose. I'd reflect additional commissions in my tender

What level of support is included in my plan?

We'll make sure we both agree all the deliverables, and how that will be measured.

Do I need to pay more for chat?

Again, the contract will detail all that's included. Personally I'm quite fond of a chat...

What standard is your work?

Standards are set usually by the relevant regulators. I have an SVQ in Advice and Guidance and a PDA in Community Engagement, but my core standard is helping you get the best outcomes

How do refunds work ?

Refunds??? I'll bill you per contract and you'll pay me if I have demonstrated I've delivered what was asked for.

Do you support non-profits ?

The Third or Community, Voluntary and social enterprise Sector is in my DNA. My fees reflect the resources they have available - not many!

Are volume discounts available?

Just checking you already read that one earlier :-)